Bombers Bits DC Morgan Happy Tongue STR SW

Bombers Bits DC Morgan Happy Tongue STR SW


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The Bombers Happy Tongue DC Morgan Bit is designed to remove as many pressures as possible, creating a safe comfortable communication.

The key feature of the cheekpiece is the loose ring which attaches to the bridle, which can also rotate, ensuring the poll and cheek area is relieved from any rein engagement. The reins are attached to the large dee or the additional rein loop, which swings open independently of the cheekpiece. The mouthpiece is fixed to the cheekpiece, with a solid surface area to encourage flexion.

Made from a blue sweet iron, it oxidizes easily which encourages salivation and encourages your horse to accept the bit as it is warm and sweet. It is a popular design recommended by Bombers for all young horses and those that show tongue sensitive signs.

Special Order Sizes:  4.25/110, 4.5/115, 4.75/120, & 5.75/145
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