We trust you will enjoy our European equestrian supplies that are of the highest quality, beautiful, and comfortable with fast shipping from the US.

Our Brand Promise is a customer journey that will leave you smiling and delighted you came to Dapper Horse.

Our selections reflect the core values of Dapper Horse to champion the horse and riders experience by focusing on:

BEAUTY - An appearance that makes a lasting impression! Selecting equestrian supplies that are elegant, inspiring, and beautifully tailored.

COMFORT - Enjoy the ride!  Setting a benchmark of comfort and great fit for horse and rider.

QUALITY - Reliable and Trustworthy! Every product is selected to ensure you receive a well-made, durable, and carefully crafted product.

CONVENIENCE - Products are stocked and immediately shipped from our warehouse in New York.

Our one-stop shop for European Equestrian Products include bridles, reins, saddle pads, halters, wraps, boots, stunning browbands, equestrian apparel and more.

Welcome to the Dapper Horse family!

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After 4 PM & Saturday: by appointment only
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