We hope you enjoy exploring our carefully selected products for Equestrian Enthusiasts and Competitors.

We offer a broad selection of boutique European equestrian supplies and horse tack from our brand partners. Brands which are second-to-none in beauty, comfort, and quality. 

Our selections reflect the core values of Dapper Horse to champion the horse and riders experience by offering them products that focus on:

BEAUTY - An appearance that makes a lasting impression! Selecting equestrian supplies that are elegant, inspiring, and beautifully tailored.

COMFORT - Enjoy the ride!  Setting a benchmark of comfort for horse and rider starting with therapeutic and anatomical horse tack.

QUALITY - Reliable and Trustworthy! Every detail crafted to ensure a quality experience you can depend on. 

Our one-stop shop for European Equestrian Products include: bridles, reins, saddle pads, halters, wraps, boots, stunning browbands, equestrian apparel and more.

Welcome to the Dapper Horse family!