Fager Bits Category D

Fager Bits Category D


      This category is for a horse that never falls behind - Always on, never off the bit. Can pull and/or lean towards the bit. 

      Same as Max, but we added a roller. The roller is in the same height as the joints so it won´t create point pressure on the tongue. It is just there to prevent your horse from being stiff. Give him something to play with. If your horse is fussy in the mouth, Max or Lilly would be a better choice.

      Sally is the best Snaffle for these kinds of horses. We wouldn't recommend her if you have a horse that can drop the bit. But if your horse is the opposite - always a bit too much ON. Then you must try Sally! We took away the constant pressure to keep the "aha" effect. We want the horse to listen and stop feeling dead in the mouth. 

      Carl Kimblehook
      A comfortable, anatomical mouthpiece with the possibility to add more leverage when needed. Perfect when you need that extra without having to pick a fight.

      Divide the pressure more equally over the neck, mouth, and chin by adding a chain. You will be surprised how many horses feel comfort with a curb bit. Very important that the chain is not too loose, otherwise it will have the opposite effect! Slightly more leverage than Sabina.

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