Fager Bits Category B

Fager Bits Category B


      This category is the great pick if you have a sensitive horse that can be slow on the reactions, but in the same way, be on/off in the connection and fall behind the bit. You wish for more trust towards the bit and a faster and better response from your aids.

      With Fagers Smart System (FSS) that locks the bit to prevent any unnecessary "snaps" when the reins are taking. It will be shaped like a straight bit to promote acceptance. This category also has the tastiest bits, with both copper and sweet iron. Everything to flirt with your horse senses and give you the best riding feeling ever.

      Oscar & Lilly FSS 
      Fagers Smart System (FSS)

      Fagers Smart System (FSS) or without (can be used in two ways) The extra tongue space is excellent if your horse also has a tendency to overreact when the head is taken. For example; tossing its head, putting the tongue over the bit, bite on the bit.

      Sabina FSS/Mullen mouth & Henry Mullen mouth
      Divide the pressure more equally over the neck, mouth, and chin by adding a chain. You will be surprised how many horses feel comfort with a curb bit. Very important that the chain is not too loose, otherwise it will have the opposite effect!

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