Fager Bits Category A

Fager Bits Category A


      This category is the perfect pick if you have a sensitive horse that can easily fall behind the bit and drop the connection. Also for younger horses. We want the horse to seek a more stable contact and trust the hand and the bit. We need to get rid of everything that will create surprising movements and pressure.

      With Fagers Smart System (FSS) that locks the bit to prevent any unnecessary "snaps" when the reins are taking. It will be shaped like a straight bit to promote acceptance. This category also has the tastiest bits, with both copper and sweet iron. Everything to flirt with your horse senses and give you the best riding feeling ever.

      Martin, Anna & Billy
      Fagers Smart System (FSS) The copper and sweet iron.

      German silver material that includes a lot of copper. This shape is excellent to avoid constant tongue pressure.

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