How the Kentucky Horsewear Magnetic Rug Recuptex Improves Your Horse's Health

Kentucky Horsewear Recuptex Magnetic Rug Do you need to improve your horse's health and recovery?

Enter the Kentucky Horsewear Recuptex Magnetic therapy rug and stable boots. Recuptex is an incredible innovation that has helped horses all over the world. The Recuptex fabric stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow, which supports healing and helps speed recovery. Based on the Bekaert BEKINOX® technology, the Recuptex contains the finest inox yarn (a stainless-steel fiber) woven into the fabric. It creates a Faraday cage which reflects the magnetic fields created in the horse's body. Preserving these fields stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in your horse. It also accelerates the recovery process in a natural protective environment. The Magnetic Rug Recuptex and stable boots are made of a strong mesh fabric that can be used in the summer and winter in combination with other rugs

It's ideal to use before and after riding to relax the horse's muscles. It can easily be left on the horse overnight. We suggest using the rug for one hour to start and gradually increasing the number of hours on the horse over the next couple of days, so he can adapt to the tingling effect it can give.

Did you know it even works on humans? That is right; we use it at Dapper Horse. Here is a picture of Rachel, who had a stiff neck and back, using the Recuptex neckpiece to reduce the stiffness.

Recuptex Horse Therapy Rug

The seven most asked questions about Recuptex

1. Does it work?

The Recuptex works; however, it does not change your horse after one use. We advise using the rug for at least 30 minutes. If you have a Recuptex product or visiting Dapper Horse, you can test the fabric by putting your phone in it. You will notice that all your signals will be lost as it reflects the magnetic fields from the outside.

2. What happens when I use a Recuptex product?

The technology protects your horse from magnetic fields from the outside but also uses the horse's magnetic field. The stainless-steel fiber conducts the horse's body heat and improves blood circulation. By doing this, you can treat and prevent various medical issues. The Recuptex fabric relaxes the horse's muscles; thus, your horse will be more relaxed. You will notice this in his behavior. Your horse can start yawning, for example, but also during riding, as your horse will feel more flexible.

3. For which issues can Recuptex horse therapy products help?

It can help with arthritis or tendon problems. It can also be used on horses with swollen legs or muscle issues. Recuptex technology works only with your horse's magnetic fields, so it cannot harm your horse. 

4. For How long can I leave on a Recuptex product?

When introducing a Recuptex product to your horse, it's essential to do it in small sessions. The Recuptex can feel tingly initially; we recommend starting with 5 minutes and slowly increasing the time. When your horse is accustomed to the feeling, you can choose how long you leave the products on. Some people use it 2 hours before and after training for warming up and cooling down, while others use it 24/7. The good thing about the Recuptex is that there's no over usage.

5. At what temperatures can I use the Recuptex rug?

Because the Recuptex rug is very light, you can use it all year. Because of the mesh, the rug can be used in summer for fly prevention. During winter, you can easily use the Recuptex rug as an under rug and combine it with other Kentucky Horsewear rugs.

6. Can you use the boots on both the front and hind legs?

The Recuptex boots can indeed be used on both front and hind legs. You only have to choose between the left and right sides of the horse. The boots can be worn in the stable or during transport. 

Recuptex Stable BootsKentucky Horsewear Recuptex Stable Boots

Kentucky Horsewear Recuptex Magnetic Boot

7. Do professionals use Recuptex products too?

Yes, professionals are big fans of the Recuptex technology and use it before and after training or competitions. One of our ambassadors, Camille Condé wrote this about our Recuptex products: The Recuptex rug is a product that I appreciate, and I use it regularly in preparation. I put it on my horses about 45 minutes before training them; it allows me to prepare the body of my horses as well as possible. I see the difference with each use. For example, I feel that the body of my horses is more quickly ready for the effort, and the body is more relaxed and easier to work.