How to Protect Your Horse from Flies

Are you looking for a way to protect your horse from pesky flies and various insects this summer?

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Here is everything you need to make the best choice for your horse!

UV Ray Protection
Fly masks and fly sheets can protect your horse from the sun’s UV rays. Much like humans, a horse’s skin can be sunburned. Sunburn is especially common on any white facial markings on the nose or light-colored skin. Does your horse have a pink nose with a white marking? Choose a fly mask with longer nose coverage and a fly sheet with a hood to cover the neck for extra UV protection.

Face Protection
Have you noticed your horses’ eyes running more in the summer? Flies irritate the eyes and nose, producing excess tear fluid and nasal drainage. The flies then feed on these high-protein fluids. Meanwhile, your horse is irritated and is likely rubbing their face on wooden posts, friends, and water troughs, one step away from an eye ulcer or injury. Utilize a fly mask to reduce insect irritation to the horse’s face and improve their comfort level.

Does your horse destroy fly masks? Apply Pharmaka CLAC Insect Repellent Gel to your horse’s face at turnout, below the eyes, and on the cheeks and nose. (More information below!)

Use a fly veil or bonnet to prevent bugs from irritating your horse’s ears on a trail ride, during competition, or in the trailer. Bonus if it matches your outfit and saddle pad!

Belly Protection
Sweet itch, officially known as Culicoides Hypersensitivity, is an allergic reaction to bites from midges and other insects. Unlike insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH), which may plague horses, sweet itch is a reaction to the insect’s saliva. This reaction can severely affect horses' and ponies’ skin, causing itchiness, hair loss, and discomfort. Itchiness, or pruritus, is the unpleasant feeling that leads horses to rub or scratch their skin. Watch for bumps and itchiness in their mane and tail, along their belly midline, and on their neck, all common areas for sweet itch to develop.

Does your horse struggle with sweet itch? Try a fly sheet with a tail flap and a belly band this summer.

Stay Clean and Dry
A fly sheet will protect your horse’s clean coat during turnout, shipping, and stabling. The materials are lightweight and breathable, allowing air to flow through the mesh while preventing bugs from irritating your horse’s skin.

While most horses are waterproof, a select few may not enjoy being rained on in the cooler spring temperatures. The innovative Kentucky Horsewear Waterproof Combo Fly Rug combines waterproof 600D polyester fabric along the back of the horse with breathable mesh material on the sides to protect it from biting insects. Both materials provide UV protection on sunny days and are breathable to avoid overheating.

Kentucky Horsewear Combo Fly Sheet

Skip the Ingredients You Can’t PronounceInfused Equestrian Fly Swat

The Infused Equestrian swӓt fly spray is a proprietary blend of essential oils proven to keep bugs and insects off you and your horse.

  • DEET-free spray
  • All-natural formula
  • Non-toxic for humans and horsesv- use in the garden or at horse shows!
Each essential oil repels different bugs:
  • Citronella - mosquitoes, biting flies, no-see-ums and gnats
  • Cinnamon - ants and wasps
  • Peppermint - ants and mosquitoes
  • Lemon- flies
  • Lemon grass - mosquitoes
  • Rosemary - flies and mosquitoes
  • Myrtle - flies and mosquitoes.
  • Eucalyptus - all stinging and biting bugs
  • Tea Tree- fleas, mosquitoes, and biting insects

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Keep Flies Away with Essential Oil Fly Repellent Gel

BugPellent Insect Repellent Gel is a natural essential oil and water-based gel that provides insect repellency. Helps to control deer, house, stable, horse and black flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats on horses, ponies, and dogs.

  • Non-Greasy & Water-Based
  • Natural Essential Oils Repel Insects
  • No Alcohols, Solvents or Toxic Pesticides
  • Repels Flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks & Gnats

Active Ingredients: Cedar Oil (0.75%) Citronella Oil (0.75%) Peppermint Oil (0.75%) Lemongrass Oil (0.75%) Rosemary Oil (0.50%) Clove Oil (0.50%) Cinnamon Oil (0.20%) Geraniol (1.00%).

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