Horse Bit Materials: What is the difference between Titanium Bits and Sweet Iron Bits?

Titanium vs. Sweet Iron Horse Bits


Searching for a horse bit and want to understand the difference between a Titanium bit and a Sweet Iron bit?  We hope this Fager Bits guide will help you understand which bit material may be best for your horse.


Titanium is valued for its low density, high strength and resistance to corrosion.

All Fager Titanium bits are quality checked and made of 100% medical Titanium, ensuring you utilize and feel the full benefits of this fantastic metal. Titanium is a tasteless metal which naturally adapts to the temperature of the mouth, encouraging the horse to accept the bit and be more comfortable. 

The grey color is a natural consequence of the production process, no additional coloring is used.

We usually recommend a Titanium bit for sensitive mouthed horses who can react to other metals e.g. red marks or sores developing, despite a soft contact from the hands.

Titanium gives a super light feeling in the hand and quicker response when compared to a heavier bit, particularly when combined with the correct mouthpiece for the individual horse.

If you describe your horse as the following, a titanium bit may be the answer:

1. Displays discomfort with almost every bit previously tried

2. Has a sensitive mouth quickly developing sores/wounds in the corners of their mouths.

3. Throws head around to evade contact.



Sweet iron is a covering on top of a bit made of stainless steel. The purpose is to disguise the metal taste from stainless steel and create a pleasant, sweet taste, encouraging the horse to seek more contact and hold on to the bit. Following use, sweet iron will start to oxidize and turn brownish grey, this is to be expected.  The more the sweet iron oxidizes, more ‘sweet’ taste will be released.  When this happens the ‘blue’ will almost disappear.

To experience the full benefit of these materials, it is important that you combine it with the mouthpiece and sidepiece which is most suited to you and your horse.  Fager offers a wide range of Sweet Iron bits to meet the needs of your horse.

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