Kentucky Horsewear Saddle Pad  No Logo Navy Full

Kentucky Horsewear Saddle Pad No Logo Navy Full


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With a thin layer, our Saddle Pad provides excellent cushioning between the horse’s back and the saddle while protecting against friction. The anatomic shape makes sure that the withers is free from pressure and friction. The saddle pad has no annoying straps to attach to the saddle, only a nylon strap for the girth. The artificial leather edge of the saddle pad ensures a fancy look. Thanks to its special cut-design and original pattern, our Saddle Pad is used for jumping as well as dressage or eventing. The saddle pad is machine washable at 30°, no dryer.

- No saddle straps, only girth straps
- Withers is free
- Artificial leather edge for a fancy look
- No logo
- Suitable for jumping, dressage, and eventing

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